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Advanced Placement Program

February 3, 2023

What is the Advanced Placement Program?

The AP Program provides special opportunities to those students who are motivated and planning to attend university. This program of university level courses and exams for secondary students was designed to allow the successful student to receive advanced credit and/or standing upon entering university. DMCI offers Biology, Chemistry, English, Calculus, Physics, Art and Psychology as possible AP courses, depending on enrolment in each class.

The AP program is recognized worldwide.   Most universities and colleges in Canada and the United States recognize AP courses.  Some universities actively recruit high school graduates who have AP course credits. At the present time, there are over 11 000 secondary schools that have students taking AP courses.

The Advanced Placement Program is best known for giving high school students the opportunity to earn university credit, to save on tuition, and even to graduate early from university.  As well, AP offers students many additional benefits.

  • AP allows high school students to take courses that are challenging, rigorous, and in-depth.
  •  Success in an AP course is one of the strongest predictors of college and university success. The credits they earn for the AP achievements enable many students to pursue a double major, to study or travel abroad, or to undertake a combined bachelor’s and master’s program.
  •  Students may also take more advanced courses in disciplines where they have received a firm grounding from AP. Students who participate in AP are ultimately given the responsibility to reason, analyze, and understand for themselves.
  • The high school atmosphere gives the student the flexibility to take enriched courses without compromising social or extra-curricular activities.

Former students, who successfully completed AP courses, frequently visit DMCI and confirm that they felt better prepared and more confident in their abilities to meet the challenges and requirements of their first year at university. 

Interested students who would like more information about the AP program at DMCI can contact the school and make an appointment with one of the guidance counselors.

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