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English as an Additional Language (E.A.L.)

January 26, 2023


DMCI has the largest and most comprehensive High School EAL program in Manitoba.  We have approximately 600 EAL students and 47 different spoken languages.  Our program has been developed to help students for whom English is an additional language. Students enrolled in this program will:

  • Develop the listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing skills necessary for success in school and society.
  • Develop an appreciation of their culture and the culture of others.
  • Integrate into the regular English program and other subject areas when advisable.  Each student will be moved into appropriate programming on an individual basis.



As part of the intake process, the EAL Resource Teacher administers the initial assessment, meets with the family to create a timetable based on the results, and provides an orientation of DMCI to the student.

The EAL Resource Teacher and Guidance Counsellor track the students who have recently entered the program by reviewing marks and monitoring progress with classroom teachers.  If any concerns arise, a meeting is arranged with the student and guardian to discuss those concerns.  As a result of the meeting, resource may be scheduled, course/courses may be changed, and the student will continue to be closely monitored.

The EAL Resource Teacher is available for students who have scheduled resource or students who simply require help with their homework/assignments or need a place to study for a test.  Resource help is available during the school day.

Throughout the program, students are on an individual path depending on their strengths and at some point can be part of the EAL and regular stream at the same time.         

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