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March 31, 2024

The DMCI Music Program is designed for any student in any grade with a desire to learn more about singing or playing a musical instrument.   The courses are designed to appeal to a diverse student population. The program fosters a love of music from many cultures, time periods, and genres while enabling students to learn and fluently use musical notation, sight reading, and listening skills. Participation in music courses encourages leadership, responsibility, teamwork, confidence, inter-personal relationships, and fosters a sense of community within the school.  The mission of the Music Program at DMCI is to equip students with musical and personal skills that will prepare them for a productive and fulfilling life. Classes in choir, piano, guitar, and band are offered to students at any skill level.Chamber%20Choir%202020-1.jpegIce%202019-1.jpegChill%202023-1.jpegConcert%20Choir%20ChoralFest%202023-1.jpeg

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