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Student Services - Guidance & Counseling

December 2, 2021

The Student Services Department at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute provides a number of services for students, parents , guardians and teachers.  

Presently, there are three guidance counsellors, a career advisor and a guidance clerk to help with students’ requests and concerns.
Student services personnel can assist students regarding:
  • academic concerns
  • interpersonal relations
  • emotional concerns
  • career exploration and planning
  • school/course changes or withdrawals
  • work permit application forms
  • Private Music Option information
  • Independent Study course information
  • preparation of mark statements
  • student computer workstation and Internet access
  • Career Cruising Referral Services
  • decision-making and problem solving
  • course selection and planning
  • information on post-secondary institutions
  • referrals to psychologist, social workers, and other professional services
  • coordination of Peer Tutoring Program
  • resume writing/information
  • personal/social concerns

The School Division provides additional testing, counseling, and assessment services through such professionals as social workers, psychologists, audio and speech therapists, psychiatrists and public health nurses. These professionals work closely with each school and may be contacted through Student Support Services.

Students wishing to see a counsellor or resource teacher are encouraged to arrange appointments with him/her directly or to leave a message at the main office.  Appointments can be arranged during the student’s spares, during the lunch hour, and prior to or immediately after regular school hours. However, if the student’s needs are very urgent, he/she can be seen during regular class time.

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