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Applied Commerce and Digital Media

February 7, 2024

The Student Experience


Students enrolled in Applied Commerce and Digital Media courses gain the knowledge and skills needed for success in higher education and life after high school. While our department offers a wide range of courses, all students will experience hands-on practical projects and activities that develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. These courses give the students the skills necessary to be effective business leaders, innovators, citizens, consumers, and employees.

We are located in what is affectionately known at DMCI as "The Green Hallway".  The Green Hallway is a space for creative and innovate students looking to learn, practice and apply their skills in Business and Technology. 


What students will learn


Want to learn how to manage your finances or someday have your own business? DMCI has courses in personal finance, business planning, and management. Students who take accounting and economics are well prepared for Post-Secondary education. Become involved in DMCI’s newest enterprise Maroon Market. 


Interested in technology and also enjoy being creative? Students from the DMCI animation program have won Provincial and National awards. Our Film program is growing and innovating having recently earned a provincial grant. Graphics students learn the tools needed to work in the industry, make connections in the community and gain experience working with clients.


Are you a logical thinker? In Computer Science, you will create applications and online games which can be published and shared with friends and family. Web Design is one of the most sought-after skills today. In our web design course you will develop design and technical skills.


For more detail on individual courses consult the course guide. If you have any other questions about courses in our program you may speak to any of our instructors by contacting the school. 


Applied Commerce and Digital Media Certificate

Earn credits in eight of the following courses and receive the Applied Commerce and Digital Media Certificate upon graduation.

Business Innovations
Personal Finance 


Accounting Essentials 

Venture Development 

Business Communications 

Accounting Systems 

Economic Principles 

Business Management 

Applied Business Technologies

Topics and Trends in Business

Information and Communication Technology

Graphics (3 levels)


Print Communications

Digital Filmmaking (2 levels)

2D Animation 

3D Modelling

Web Design

Computer Science (3 levels)



For students planning on continuing studies in Business, Computer Science, or Digital Media after high school, scholarships are available to DMCI graduates. Ten students going on to study business or graphic design earned scholarships in the year 2021. 


Enrichment Opportunities

Students wishing to extend their learning may join extra-curricular activities and student groups. The groups listed below are led by teachers in the Applied Commerce and Digital Media department.

  • Leadership
  • Yearbook
  • Photography Club
  • Film Group
  • School Videographers
  • School Photographers
  • Manitoba Skills Competition
  • Maroon Market – School store

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