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Isaac Brock School Parent Council

February 16, 2024

The Isaac Brock Parent Council acts as the parental/guardian voice or representation for anything the school or division needs our input on. For example, when the division puts out their yearly budget, it gets brought to parent councils across the division and we get to express our thoughts and concerns in regards to what is presented and send them in for their consideration. But we also do so much more than that! We help support our school by planning fundraisers! Money raised from parent council fundraisers goes to areas that are important to us as a council and all funds end up going back directly to the school to support our students and teachers. We continue to strive to offer more to our students and families by working towards running more workshops and events such as movie nights, babysitting courses and book fairs. Future endeavours hope to bring more community activities to help connect our families and share in the school's “One School Vision”. 

 Our parent council consists of an executive membership of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Social Media Lead while every other member is considered a member at large. We are always looking for more voices and welcome our parents/guardians to volunteer in whatever capacity they can manage. You can choose to join the council and attend meetings or just put your name down to volunteer at events; all help would be appreciated whether it is 1 hour or 20. 


You can reach us at with any questions, comments or concerns. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about what we are doing, @isaacbrockparentcouncil.

 Lunch Program

Our parent council also runs the lunch program for the school. Children are supervised in groups in designated classrooms while they eat for the first half of the lunch period and then taken outside (weather permitting) during the second half. Children are supervised by an adult at all times during the lunch hour. Cost for this service is $40/month for the first child and $30/month for any subsequent children in the same family. December is free! The fees cover the cost of paying the adult supervisors so children are required to bring their own lunch. At this time, we do not have microwaves so we cannot reheat meals for children, but this is something we are working on providing.

If you have any questions or would like to enroll your child, you may contact our Coordinator Liz at

Lunch program forms are available for download (under Resources to the right) or you can pick them up from the school.

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