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Intermediate Classes (Grades 5-6)

February 4, 2021

All students in the Intermediate grades participate in many integrated classes and work cooperatively in their respective groups.


Students are groups for each topic based on their level on the Learning Pathway. Students are given instruction at that sign post. Evidence has shown that students are making significant gains in these groups


All students are given a diagnostic test to determine their independent and instructional reading levels. This allows teachers to provide instruction in the classroom at each child’s level.

Words Their Way (Spelling):

All students are given a diagnostic test to allow them to be grouped based on their strengths and weaknesses. Each day 3, students are tested based on the previous cycles’ work. Then they are instructed on a new word sort and provided time to complete their assignment.

Text Structures:

All intermediate students are involved in a two year language arts initiative designed to develop skills and understanding of types of writing. Students are instructed in the particular structure before practicing and applying the form in their personal writing pieces.

Science / Social Studies:

Each of the teachers are responsible for teaching a smaller group of students covering both  the Grade 5 and  the Grade 6 curriculums. This has allowed for continued integration of all students as well as targeted teaching and learning.

Family Life:

All students receive instruction in Family Life during the last term


The increased number of Smart Boards, Smart TVs, iPads and Chromebooks in the classrooms as well as computer labs allow all students to further develop their Literacy with ICT skills. 

Special Projects / Events:

Roots of Empathy:

Grade 6 students from rooms 2 and 5 have been working with the guidance counsellor, a volunteer and her baby throughout the year. This program teaches children about feelings, their own feelings, and the feelings of others through lessons and.

Reading Buddies:

All students have been working with students in younger grades once per cycle. They pair up for one class period to share work attack, comprehension and oral reading skills with their reading buddies. All classes have made gains in their ELA levels.

Extra Curricular Activities:

All students are given the opportunity to join numerous clubs at Isaac Brock School. These clubs are both athletic and creative in nature. Some of the many clubs offered include, badminton, tennis, floor hockey, indoor soccer, volleyball, drama club, art club, photography club, choir, dance club and cheerleading.

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