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Music and Band

July 21, 2022

Elementary Music 

When I was in school Music was among one of my favourite subjects. The most exciting thing about being in music in school was being able to travel and share my music with others. At Isaac Brock I would like to foster this love and excitement of music. By grade 6, the goal is to have each student armed with an arsenal of musical knowledge. Students will learn how to read musical notation and understand dynamics and tempo markings. Students will have a chance to study some past composers and their music. They have opportunities to: explore music through movement and dance, learn the art of improvisation, perform in venues throughout the city, play an array of instruments, compete in local competitions, and have fun through play in musical games.


Band students at Isaac Brock are being prepared to be musicians. Performances are an integral part of this program and are taken very seriously. Our students not only know how to play their instruments, they also have knowledge of their instrument and how to be a “professional” instrumentalist. It is important that our students get the best music instruction, so every year we have professional musicians come to our school and work with our students. Students are then able to see and hear the “final product” and are able to better strive for musical excellence. Because our bands are small, each student is provided with more one-on-one time with the teacher. Each Student is taught to read musical notation, play their instrument as a soloist, sight read, improvise and to make educated musical decisions. Students play music from Bach to modern day movie themes. 

-Miss. Francis

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