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Room 139

September 5, 2023

Hello! I am excited to be the new grade 6 teacher.

This year I hope to introduce some new Inquiry based learning through Novel Engineering, Genius Hour as well as using Inquiry to explore Social Studies and Sciences.  This way of learning will emphasize critical thinking, communication, cooperation and creativity.

Some of the main themes in Social Studies this year will be exploring Confederation and the impact on First Peoples, First and Second World Wars and Canada’s role within them, as well as exploring the direction Canada should go in the future.

Some of the main themes in Sciences are exploring how electricity works and the impact it has on our everyday lives, as well as flight and space.  Math and literacy will be embedded within all these themes as we discover how they have practical purposes in our lives. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Looking forward to a wonderful year.

Mr. Fast

School Supply List: Room 139.pdf

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