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Breakfast & Lunch Program

February 4, 2021

Free Breakfast Program

At Machray School we offer all students a free healthy breakfast to start their day of learning.
Breakfast program starts at:
8:20 am for patrols
8:30 am for all other grade 1 to 6 students
Nursery/Kindergarten students are welcome at 8:30 am but need to come with a parent not a sibling.


Free Snack Program

Every day after morning recess at Machray School all students are provided a healthy snack. This snack program is sponsored by Breakfast For Learning.


Lunch Program

Machray School Community Committee offers all students the option to stay for lunch at our parent-run lunch program. Students staying for lunch must pay the folloring rates:
$1.25 a day for the occassional program user
$26.00 a month for 1 child
$45 a month for a family of 2
$65.00 a month for a family of 3 or more
Students staying for the Lunch Program can also purchase milk.

Staff Contact for Breakfast & Snack Programs: Sherri Archibald
Staff Contact for Lunch Program: Debra McNicholl

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