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Principal's Message

September 7, 2023

Hello Machray Community,

My name is Daniel Braga and I am excited and happy to be continuing as the  Principal at Machray School. We are an elementary school serving a diverse population of students in Nursery to Grade 6. We are located in the Inner City with approximately 30 staff members.

Our staff are dedicated to providing a welcoming and learning environment. This is guided by are our three pillars: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. We want every student to know their importance and value. 

We have a great many things planned this year and hope that you the parents and guardians will take advantage of them. This includes volunteering, participating in school events and being a partner in your child’s learning.

We are proud part of the Machray community and very much look forward to continuing our positive relationships with students, parents/guardians and all community members.

Our Priorities:

  1. To strengthen instructional and assessment practices for all students.
  2. To improve academic, behavioral support and mental health services for all students.
  3. To strengthen and enhance Education for Sustainable Development.
  4. To integrate the Indigenous perspective in learning.
  5. To improve attendance rates.

If you have any questions regarding registrations, programming or any other concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call. I look forward to meeting you.


Thank you,

Daniel Braga, Principal 

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