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Room 121

September 5, 2023

Welcome to room 121!

We want to offer you a warm welcome to room 121. This year our theme will be learning about lost words.  The students will explore the meaning of interesting words that they discover during classroom inquiries, guided literacy and math.  We will also learn how to translate some of our words into Cree, Ojibwe, French and Spanish.  

Inquiry, nature and independence are an important part of our classroom community and is embedded in as many academic activities as possible. The students are always encouraged to give their input when lessons are designed and are continuously being taught how to make safe, independent choices when they are finished their work. 

Part of the school day will be spent working in guided reading and math groups where the students will learn skills that follow them to the next grade. The focus of these guided groups will be re-visiting and strengthening reading, writing and math skills that the students already have and introducing new skills. Through guided literacy and math the students will also learn how to use their academic skills to problem solve when tackling unfamiliar math and language arts activities.   

Ms. Visscher, email:

School Supply List: Room 121.pdf

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