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November 16, 2021

Welcome to Mrs. Stephen's art room.  


I have been teaching art at Machray school since 2016. I believe that everyone is an artist, and that knowing how to create and understand art helps us to connect with our world.  My art room is a place to grow and learn as an artist, where trying something new and making a mistake is part of how we learn and solve problems.  Students will often hear me say, "how can you turn your mistake into a beautiful oops?"  


In the art program, students engage in viewing and creating artworks.  We focus on how artists use art elements and principles of design to create art works and communicate ideas.  students are provided with opportunities to practice using tools and processes for many different art forms.  Some of the art processes students will explore in the art program are listed below.


Watercolor and acrylic paint techniques     




Print Making

Paper Mache or plaster sculpture


Mosaic (tile, or paper)          

Pastel techniques

Paper making

Fabric art


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