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April 4, 2024

1687194229893.pngThe Carpentry Program provides students with the opportunity to develop the basic skills required for employment or post-secondary education in the building construction trade. Students will be instructed in the use of a wide variety of techniques associated with the major areas of the building construction industry, in Carpentry, Woodworking, Concrete and Drywall. The Carpentry Program emphasizes ongoing safety practices in the proper use and safe operations of tools and equipment used in the industry.

Post-grad industry training option for high school graduates
A one-year, post-grad option is also available for adult students who are interested in finding employment in the building construction field. Graduates of the Carpentry Program are well prepared to continue their studies at a post-secondary technical college, enter an apprenticeship program, and/or compete for jobs in the construction trade. 

Career Opportunities

• Building Contractors
• Cabinet/Furniture Manufacturers
• Concrete contractors
• Interior/Exterior Finishing contractors
• Renovators
• Stair/Truss Manufacturers
• Window/Door Manufacturers
• Lumber and Material Suppliers
• Teaching
• Tool Suppliers


The Carpentry Courses

Industry standard safety training for construction sites and woodshop safety including but limited to WHMIS, PPE, ladders, scaffolding and fall arrest procedures are built into all practical projects the students participate in across all grade levels. 

Grade 9 (.5 Credit)

The grade nine course focuses on an introduction to Heavy Industry Technology and the Building Construction trade. Students will demonstrate the safe use of hand tools, portable power tools and stationary woodworking machines.

Grade 10 (1 Credit)

The Grade 10 course focuses on the introduction of the Building Construction trade. Students will demonstrate the safe use and maintenance of hand tools and portable power tools to construct a variety of related projects. An introduction to stationary power tools will allow students to construct more complex projects. Trade related mathematics principles involving the addition and subtraction of fractions and whole numbers, identification of metric measurements and the conversion to imperial units of measurement are also covered.

Grade 11 (3 Credits)

The Grade 11 course introduces the student to what it is like to work in the construction trade as a carpenter. The students will be led through the basics of residential wood frame construction and concrete form work.

Grade 12 (4 Credits)

The Grade 12 course continues the student in construction trade as a carpenter, and prepares them for an entry level job or apprenticeship in carpentry. The student is expected to take the lead in basic residential wood frame construction, interior/exterior finishing and concrete form work.

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