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Culinary Arts

February 4, 2021

Culinary_web.jpgThe Culinary Arts Program will introduce students to the principles of professional cooking and provide students with the practical training and necessary skills to enter the workforce in the food service industry. Students in the Culinary Arts Program will have the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to learning by developing their skills with modern equipment in a licensed and inspected working kitchen. R.B. Russell Vocational High School Culinary Arts Program is a fully accredited program with the Province of Manitoba Apprenticeship Branch. Students who successfully complete the program with an average of 70% and register with the Apprenticeship Board will receive their Level One training hours in the Apprenticeship Cook Program. Grade 11 and Grade 12 students spend a portion of their day on theory, and the rest of the day in the kitchen preparing food for the cafeteria lunch service. They are also given the opportunity to prepare foods for in-house catering and special functions.

Post-grad industry training option for high school grads:
The post-grad program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to challenge the Level 1 Apprenticeship Theory. This program runs for a 10-month period. 

Culinary Arts Adult Program: 

Start Date: February 9, 2021
Classes run from 7:30 AM - 2:15 PM Monday to Friday. 
Potential students must live within the Winnipeg School Division boundaries. 
Please email Michael Lindberg at for program information and intake dates. 

Career Opportunities

• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Cafeterias
• Catering Companies
• Private Clubs
• Bakeries
• Cruise Ships
• Nursing Homes

The Culinary Arts Course

Grade 9 (.5 Credit)
The Grade 9 course is designed as an introduction to commercial cooking principles. During this course students will learn and demonstrate appropriate personal hygiene, sanitation, safety, knife skills, operation of kitchen tools and equipment, basic cooking methods, cooking principles, and production methods.

Grade 10 (1 Credit)
The Grade 10 course will focus on basic cooking procedures, cooking terminology, nutrition, principles of WHMIS and Workplace Health and Safety procedures and regulations. The course will concentrate on pre-preparation and presentation of different types of foods, Garde Manger, various baking, decorating techniques, and styles.

Grade 11 (3 Credits)
The Grade 11 course will move on to Garde Manger, where students will gain an understanding of ingredients, recipes, and menus. Students will learn basic baking skills and focus on Patisserie. An understanding of vegetables, fungi, starches, and farinaceous products will also be covered.

Grade 12 (4 Credits)
The Grade 12 course is centered on advanced cooking and baking skills. Focus will be on stocks, soups, sauces, poultry, fish, and seafood. Students will be expected to read, interpret and communicate recipes, menus and labels. Students will apply cross-curricular knowledge and skills as they apply to Culinary Arts. Students will be expected to prepare food with an emphasis on attractive presentation skills. All students will be required to complete a work experience.

Would you like for information, contact the instructors: 
Instructor: Rebecca Pearson
Telephone: (204) 589-5301 ext: 545

Instructor: Michael Lindberg
Telephone: (204) 589-5301 ext: 545


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