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Horticulture & Landscaping

April 4, 2024


The Horticulture Program provides students with the basic foundation in the growing and popular field of Horticulture. The theory and practical components of the program concentrate on greenhouse maintenance, plant propagation and production, botany, landscape construction and design, integrated pest management, small engines, masonry, floristry and arboriculture. Indigenous medicinal plants and environmental issues are also addressed. Horticulture students will have the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of the industry and to practice their skills in our greenhouses, on the school grounds, in various work sites and with school mentorships in the community. Upon successful completion of the program, students will have the necessary skills for entry level positions in the Horticulture and Landscape fields, in addition to equipping them with the skills and knowledge to be environmentally conscious individuals making choices for a more sustainable future.

Career Opportunities
• Greenhouse Technician
• Landscape Technician
• Florist
• Arborist (Tree Specialist)
• Interior Plantscaping
• Garden Centre and Retail Nursery
• Forestry and Parks Technician
• Environmentalist
• Golf Course Workers
• Horticulture Therapist
• Organic Gardeners and Farm
• Permaculturist

The Horticulture Course

Grade 9 (.5 Credit)
This course is an introduction to the field of Horticulture, providing students with basic concepts and principles of botany, landscape design, sustainability issues and an introduction to employability in the horticulture industry.

Grade 10 (1 Credit)
The course concentrates on botany, greenhouse construction and design, and introduction to principles of landscaping, basic masonry and hydroponic and aquaponic systems. Floral design, and sustainability issues will also be explored. This is a full year credit with the second semester of the credit focusing on the practical implementation of the theoretical skills in horticulture.

Grade 11 (3 Credits)
This course focuses on theory and practical skills of soil, pest management, hydroponics, greenhouse and outdoor plant identification, floristry, medicinal plants, horticultural therapy, and organic gardening. Students will begin work experience and mentorship programs in a variety of settings such as Fort Whyte Farms, T and T seeds, the Health Science Centre, and community garden mentorships within the school division.

Grade 12 (4 Credits)
The grade 12 program focuses on arboriculture, advanced landscape design, masonry principles, and nursery crop production. Emphasis is placed on advanced greenhouse and outdoor plant identification. Grade 12 students must complete a digital resume and portfolio, in addition to a successful work practicum and mini thesis on a horticulture project within the community or division.

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