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March 14, 2024


Our math team at R. B. Russell consists of teachers, educational assistants, and students. Together we strive to achieve the following goals in mathematics:

— Solve problems

— Communicate with each other using mathematics

— Make connections between mathematics and the world we live in

— Become competent in using mathematics to succeed in our chosen vocation

— Appreciate and value mathematics 

—  Make rational, informed decisions as we become and continue to be contributing members of society

Grade 9 – Mathematics 10F (MATR1F) 1 credit

This course builds on mathematical understandings from the earlier grade levels. Classroom activities emphasize a problem-solving approach and an understanding of the nature of mathematics. The course emphasis is on the “why” and not just the “how”. A variety of assessments will be used to aid the student in achieving the learning outcomes. A balance between assessment for learning, assessment as learning, and assessment of learning will provide the necessary environment for all students to be successful.

Grade 10 – Essential Mathematics 20S (ESMR2S) 1 credit 

This course introduces students to the mathematical concepts and skills encountered in everyday life in modern Canadian society. It emphasizes consumer applications, problem solving, decision making, and spatial sense. Assessment tools used in this course are varied and include observation, homework, portfolios, performance tasks, investigations, quizzes, reflections, and tests. Topics covered in this course include analysis of games and numbers, personal finance, measurement, 2-D Geometry, trigonometry, consumer decisions, transformations and angle construction. This course is intended for students who do not plan to study mathematics after high school.

Grade 10 - Intro to Applied and Pre-Calculus Mathematics 20S (APMR2S) 1 credit

This course is a continuation of the concepts covered in Grade 9, as well as an introduction to new topics. This course lays the foundation for students interested in taking either Applied Math or Pre-Calculus at the Grade 11 and 12 levels. Problem Solving, Communication, Reasoning and Mental Math are some of the topics which will be covered in this course. Students will engage in a variety of activities that promote the connections between symbolic math ideas and the world around them. The four main topics covered are Number Sense, Patterns and Relations, Shape and Space, and Statistics and Probability.

Grade 11 – Essential Math 30S (ESMR3S) 1 credit

This course will facilitate students in their understanding of mathematical concepts related to finance, taxes, data analysis, probability, formulas and measurement. An investigative approach, combined with hands-on activities will be used to demonstrate mathematical concepts. Students will develop a variety of problem solving strategies to use when faced with a real life mathematical problem. Assessment will take place throughout each unit and various techniques will be used. It is required that students be active participants in the assessment process. Students will be expected to assess themselves, assess their peers, and reflect on this process. Based on this feedback the student will be provided with strategies for continued success and improvement.

Grade 11 – Applied Math 30S (APMR3S) 1 credit

This course is a continuation of the mathematical concepts studied in previous years, as well as an introduction to new concepts. It lays the foundation for Applied Math at the Grade 12 level. It also develops the skills, ideas, concepts, and the confidence students will need to continue studying math in the future. This course will focus on the following areas: Measurement, Trigonometry, Number Sense, Graphs and Relations, and Relations and Functions. This course is intended for those students wishing to take Grade 11 and Grade 12 Applied Mathematics.

Grade 12 – Essential Math 40S (ESMR4S) 1 credit 

This course provides the mathematical foundations for the major consumer items involved in adult Canadian life. Topics include: Vehicle Finance, Home Finance, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Precision Measurement. Students enrolled in this course are required to write the Manitoba Provincial Exam. This assessment requires students to present a portfolio of their work, complete a project, and write an exam. This assessment is 20% of the student’s final mark in the course.

Grade 12 - Applied 40S (APMR4S) 1 credit 

This course promotes critical thinking and problem solving and models’ real-world situations using mathematics. Technology plays a large part of this course. Students will be required to use the TI83 calculator which allows them to graph different equations. Some web tools will also be used for mathematical exploration and problem solving. Topics included in the course are Personal Finance, Measurement, Logic, Probability, Polynomial Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Sinusoidal Functions, and Permutations/Combinations. This course is intended for students considering post-secondary studies, but who do not require a study of theoretical calculus.

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