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Child Care Assistant

February 4, 2021

ChildcareThe Child Care Assistant Program is designed for students who have an interestin the field of child care and would like to work with children from 12 weeks to 12 years of age. The program content varies depending on the grade level the student is enrolled in. Overall, the academic course work and hands-on activities focus on working with children in infant, pre-school, and school-age programs. Students are being prepared to work in the child care field as professional CCA’s. The Child Care Assistant Certificate issued to grade 12 students upon graduation is recognized by the Manitoba Child Care Program as equivalent to the 40 hour course required of all new CCA staff in a child care facility.

Post-grad industry training option for high school grads:
A 5-month post-grad option is also available for adult students who are interested in finding employment in the Early Child Care field. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will demonstrate a variety of employability skills in order to obtain an entry-level position. 

Adult Child Care Aide Program:

Start Date: February 9, 2021
Potential students must live within the Winnipeg School Division boundaries. 
Please email R.B. Russell School at for program information and intake dates. 

Career Opportunities

• Child Care Assistant in Licensed Centres
• Nursery Programs
• Family/Home Centres
• Kindergarten Programs
• Head Start
• Community/Recreation Support Staff
• Educational Assistant

The Child Care Assistant Course

Grade 9 (.5 Credit)
The course includes an overview of pre-natal growth and post-natal development from birth to 12 months of age. Students will learn about the care required and financial demands of a newborn. The program covers teen pregnancy, options for   adolescent parents and challenges of being a teen parent. Hands on activities are ongoing.
Grade 10 (1 Credit)
The course focuses on infant & toddler development, basic care and positive interactions. The emphasis is on the development of children ages 12 months to 2 years of age. Students will learn about milestones and the care required for this age group. Students participate in individual literacy projects.

Grade 11* (4 Credits)
Students will obtain an overview of the types of child care facilities in Manitoba. They learn about theorists, childhood stresses, temperaments and resiliency as well as workplace skills. Students gain an understanding of children with diverse abilities, and their unique needs. Students participate in an elementary school and infant practicum.

Grade 12* (4 Credits)
Students learn about child development of preschool children. They study guidance and behaviour management practices, how to develop safe and healthy environments, importance of play, common childhood illnesses and communicable diseases, and about partnerships with parents. Students participate in a work practicum placement at a pre-school centre. Individual and group projects will enhance students’ knowledge and skills.

*Grade 11 and Grade 12 students are required to complete and obtain a clear
Criminal Record Check and a Child Abuse Registry Check in order to meet
entrance requirements to the program.​

Interested in applying to join the Child Care Assistant Program? Check out the following document to look over the Criteria required for enrollment in the program and information regarding the next intake schedule.
Would you like more information, contact the instructor: 
Instructor: Barbara Eddie
Telephone: (204) 589-5301 ext: 542




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