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Social Studies, Geography, History

June 19, 2023

GR. 9 Social Studies 10F (1 CREDIT)

The fundamental goal for Social Studies is to give students the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for them to participate in society. Individual and group activities call upon the skills of organization, analyzing and reflecting. The Geography unit focuses on map/atlas work, particularly involving Canada. The Economy unit leads students to an understanding of how the Canadian economic system works and how it affects their lives. The Politics, Government and Law unit provides a framework for students to examine the three levels of government and the political process, including elections and the legal system. The Human Rights unit is designed to open students’ minds to respecting others.


The intent of this course is to promote active democratic citizenship, skill in managing information, develop critical and creative thinking and effective communication. The physical and social environments of North America with primary focus on Canada will be explored through five clusters: Geographical Literacy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Industry and Trade and the study of Urban Places. Assessment is based on daily work assignments, tests, projects, maps, charts, presentations, debates, informal discussion and data analysis.


The Grade 11 History course looks at historical development in Canada and focuses on social and political history. Topics include Aboriginal peoples, immigrants, regional development, government and the growth of the Canadian nation. These topics are studied through readings, discussions, videos and speakers as well as current media. Assessment is based on participation and completion of individual and group tasks.

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