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BDD Tutoring Centre

February 5, 2021


What We Do

The Believe, Dream, Dare Centre encourages and supports students on their journey to complete their high-school educations. We believe that every student has the potential to be successful. We encourage students to dream for their future and dare to make it happen. The caring, supportive and knowledgeable staff is here to help students with assignments when they are struggling and may need help to be successful. Students are able to access the centre throughout the school day to get personal tutoring help from the Teacher Tutor and Educational Assistant assigned to the centre.


What students say ab​out the BDD

“I like it in here, when I need help I’m not scared to ask”

“I can concentrate because it’s quieter

“It is more quiet and I felt more comfortable asking for help because there were less students around

“The center has helped me understand my work”

“I have more confidence in schoolwork in a huge way”

“The BDD actually motivated me to finish all my work and now I get to graduate”

“This is what was missing all those years. If the program had been here before I think I would’ve came and I would’ve graduated already.” 



Our Goals


The BDD was created with three goals in mind:


TO increase attendance rates


TO increase credit completion


TO increase graduation rates​


We Are Open:

9:00am—3:30pm All day with permission from classroom teacher

During breaks and lunch.

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