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Be a Homestay Family

October 24, 2023
WSD International students being welcomed by their Homestay families

Why be a homestay family?

Hosting an international student in your home can be a transformative experience that offers exciting opportunities to learn about diverse cultures. Similarly, when you travel or work abroad, you have the chance to establish lasting connections with people from other countries, enriching your life and the lives of your loved ones.

As a WSD International homestay family, you provide a welcoming home for an international student and open the world to your children. Many homestay families find this experience an excellent way to help their families learn more about other cultures and gain a new appreciation for their local culture and events.

WSD International Education ensures that international students can access various activities throughout their stay in Winnipeg. As a homestay family, you'll actively show off our province to your international students. This becomes a whole family affair, as you can explore Manitoba's parks, towns, and villages, camp in our great outdoor locations, and experience the many festivals and celebrations throughout the province. Join us in this life-changing opportunity to open your home and heart to an international student!


Homestay criteria 

WSD International homestay families are highly valued for their strong interest in learning about other cultures and their ability to provide international students with a safe and supportive home environment. The caring environment these families create allows students to learn about Canadian culture and practice their developing English and/or French language skills. WSD homestay families are caring, understanding, flexible, and responsible.

Families interested in becoming homestay hosts can apply to host students for various lengths, including short-term (4 or 5 months) or long-term (an academic school year) stays and temporary or respite stays, which vary in duration. In addition to providing a safe and caring English or French-speaking home and a willingness to share Canadian culture and the wonderful attractions of Winnipeg, homestay hosts are required to provide international students with:

  • A private bedroom with a window, bed and linens, a dresser, lamp and a place to study
  • Access to a bathroom and laundry facilities
  • Three nutritious and well-balanced meals every day, as well as snacks
  • High-speed internet and access to WiFiWSD%20Homestay%20Family%20Application.jpgWSD Homestay Family Application.pdf

If you want to become a homestay family for the International Education Program of Winnipeg School Division, you may download, complete, print and sign the WSD Homestay Family Application.pdf.  Please email the completed application to with the Subject: New Family Homestay Application

How to apply

Step 1: Submit the completed Homestay Application found above. References will be contacted via phone or email.

Step 2:The Homestay Administrator will contact you via email to confirm receipt of your application and provide you with additional information 

Step 3: If you meet the criteria to be eligible to become a homestay family, a home visit will be scheduled. The homestay administrator will visit the home, verify the space available for a student, and determine if the home is a safe, healthy, and comfortable living environment.

Step 4: Obtain police and child abuse registry checks. Any person 18 or older living in the home must obtain a Police Record Check (with a Vulnerable Sector Check) and Child Abuse Registry Check. 

Step 5: The Homestay Administrator will provide you with any required supplementary forms before hosting an international student.

Step 6: Homestay Orientation: All homestay families must attend homestay orientation each year prior to hosting students.

After completing all the steps, you will be ready to host an international student!



Student placements

Registering as a homestay family does not guarantee a student will be placed with you immediately. Placement depends on the demand for families in different school neighbourhoods and whether your family is a suitable match for a student. Our ability to place a student in your home depends on the number of students who require homestays, which varies throughout the school year, and the student’s individual needs and preferences.

Factors considered in homestay placements:

  • Proximity to the school the student will be attending. Ideally, the home should be within walking distance or by bus (up to 30 minutes, including walking to bus stops) 
  • Dietary practices, medical concerns and allergy accommodations
  • Preferences to host male or female students
  • Family composition and dynamics, including pets
  • General interests

Frequently Asked Questions

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