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April 1, 2024


Please note that the deadline for applications for the September 2024 intake, including full year and semester 1, has already passed as of April 1, 2024. However, your application may still be accepted. If you are still interested in applying, your application will be subject to review and approval before submission. Please feel free to contact for more information regarding the application process.

APPLY NOW! Only online applications submitted via True North are accepted.

AGENTS: WSD International partner agents can access the agent portal: Secure Agent Portal - Winnipeg School Division.  If you do not have access, contact us. If you do not have an agreement, see WSD International Partner information and application

INDEPENDENTS: Parents and friends of students not working with a WSD International partner agent may contact us for partner suggestions and login information. Students are not permitted to submit an application on their own behalf.


STEP 1: APPLICATION:  We accept only applications submitted through our secure online application system. Applications sent via mail, email, or fax will not be accepted. A non-refundable application fee of $250 must be paid upon submission.

Collect all the necessary information and documents before starting the application process. These include:

  • Complete information about the student, including full legal name, birth date, and address
  • At least one parent's complete information, including legal names, birthdates, and addresses
  • Transcripts or report cards of the student, translated into English (and notarized if the student's goal is to graduate with a Manitoba High School Diploma)
  • Passport photo page
  • Current student photo taken within the last year and should be of high quality
  • Custodianship document (students who arrange for private accommodation and are not part of the WSD homestay program must have an independent custodian. The custodian must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident over 25 years old and live full-time in Winnipeg. Custodianship documents may be submitted after the Letter of Acceptance has been issued. This document is mandatory and must be provided by the students before they can start the program.

STEP 2: APPROVAL:  You will receive an email with instructions to view the invoice on the True North portal. Take some time to review the invoice and the school assignment.

STEP 3: PAYMENT: Complete payment through our secure payment partner, Flywire. (e-transfers payments and cheques are only available for Canadian bank accounts).

  • Payment is required to receive the Letter of Acceptance necessary to apply for a visa or study permit
  • All program fees, including tuition, medical insurance, and homestay fees (if applicable) must be paid in full before the program start date
  • For 1st semester and full-time students, fees are due by April 30th, while 2nd semester students must pay by November 30th 
  • Failure to pay all fees on time may result in cancellation of the acceptance letter and reporting to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


  • To apply for a study permit or eTA (and visa, if required), use the Letter of Acceptance issued to you. 
  • Before the program start date, the student's Study Permit approval status (if applicable) must be provided.
  • If your visa processing is delayed and you need to defer the program, please email our program. Please note that an administrative fee may be applied.


  • Flight information must be provided one month before the program starts. You will receive an email from our program requesting this information. 
  • Confirm the Winnipeg address and if necessary, submit a copy of the Notarized IRCC Custodianship Declaration (Custodianship is provided for students who live with the WSD Homestay Program).
  • Students who do not live with their parents or are not part of the WSD Homestay Program must identify a legal custodian and submit a copy of the Custodianship Declaration to the Program.
  • A notarized IRCC Custodianship Declaration must be submitted to the WSD International Education Program. Our program will email you requesting this information.
  • Students must present the Custodian Declaration at the Port of Entry to Canada. 
  • All minor international students must live with an adult over 25.

Fees and Refund Information

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