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May 19, 2021

                                                                                                            Fees and Refund Information

Limited space available for 2021-2022 school year. Please email directly to inquire about availablity and to request an application. 

Admission to the program is determined by students' educational background, present academic standing, and available space.

Application - Approval - Payment - Acceptance - Arrival - Attendance


1.  Application Process.  

a)   Request the International Education Program Application Form.     

                  b)   Complete, print and sign the form.

 c)  Scan and email or courier the application form, along with:

  • Original Transcripts from the past two (2) school years. If transcripts are not in English, then translated and notarized copies must also be provided. Photocopies of transcripts must be certified with a school stamp.
  • A Letter of Recommendation from a school director or school official.
  • A copy of the passport photo information page. 
  • A current photograph of the student.

     TO:  Winnipeg School Division

             International Education Program Director

             1577 Wall Street East

             Winnipeg, MB  R3E 2S5  Canada


2.  Approval

Applications are received and reviewed. Correspondents are notified if school placements have been determined. All accommodations must be approved by the Program.  All students under 12 years must live with an immediate family member. Students over 12 years who do not require a homestay must stay with a family where an adult member is at least 25 years of age.  

3.  Payment

Correspondents are invoiced for payment. Payments are made for a short-term duration (3 to 5 months), one semester, or one academic year, or by arrangement with the Program Director.  See Fees and Refunds Information

4.  Acceptance

When payment is received, copies of the Letter of Acceptance are sent to correspondents. Letter of Acceptance are used to apply for and obtain a study permit. Homestay applications are sent to students who require homestays. 

Correspondents must notify the Program of visa and/or study permit approval.

5.  Arrival

Correspondents notify the program of students' flight information expected arrival date and time. 

Correspondents are notified when students must report to school. All students report directly to their assigned schools on date specified by the program. Students present passports, visas and/or study permits and signed and notarized copies of the Custodianship Declaration documents, as applicable. 

5.  Attendance

Individual timetables are arranged by school officials.

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