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Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute

May 3, 2021

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Home of the Maroons

Grades 9-12    Enrollment:1050

DM Logo.png Since 1882, Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute has had a history of excellence in academics. Daniel McIntyre offers a traditional setting for its academic programs, as well a unique Medical Professional Program, a superior ESL - English as an Additional Language - Program and Information Technology and Advanced Placement courses. The school also has an excellent athletics program and an outstanding fitness center with an indoor track.


DM2Music.pngSuperior Music and Choral Programs

DM3Medical.pngMedical Professional Program

DM4AP.pngAdvanced Placement (AP)

Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute is located in a family oriented, multi-cultural community,
close to many restaurants and Winnipeg’s busy business district.

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