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May 3, 2021

The Winnipeg School Division welcomes international students from all over the world! All courses follow Manitoba curriculum. All schools employ government-certified teachers and ESL/EAL trained specialists.

International students have one of three learning goals:

1.  Semester study or full academic year. The goal is to transfer credits for Manitoba high school courses to their home high school and to experience high school life in Canada and practice and improve English or French. Students attend classes for one or two semesters. A transcript for each semester is provided and transcripts are validated if necessary. These students return to their home high schools to continue their studies. 

2.  Short term experience. The  goal is to experience high school life in Canada and practice and improve English or French. Students attend classes regularly for between 3 and 5 months. No transcript or transcript validation is provided. International students attend regular classes and spend time with local Canadian students and also gain real-life experience while learning about Canadian culture. Students have an opportunity to practice English or French language in a low-stress, no evaluation environment. 

3.  Goal to graduate. The goal is to graduate with a Manitoba high school diploma. Like their Canadian friends, international students earn credits towards a Manitoba high school diploma. The Manitoba diploma is recognized around the world. Many Manitoba graduates pursue post-secondary education in Canada or abroad. Credits are comprised of both compulsory (mandatory) and optional courses (electives). Electives are very flexible and allow students to take specialized courses or whole programs which match their interests and learning goals.

Special Programs:

Limited space is available. Many programs are certificate programs and require a multi-year commitment. 

The Canadian school year operates from September to June. Most high schools have two semesters:

  • First semester – September to January
  • Second semester – February to June

There are three intake times:

  • September (All levels and programs)
  • January (Elementary/Middle Years)
  • February (All levels and programs)

Early Years and Middle Years 

Early Years (Elementary) and Middle Years grades are also based on Manitoba curriculum. Students in Grades 1 to 8 may apply to the program and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All students under 12 must live with a family member. 

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