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Grant Park High School

March 13, 2024


Commitment to Excellence
Grades 7-12    Enrollment: 130020190424043505_115_mascot1280Near-1.png

 Grant Park High School values academics, visual and performing arts, physical fitness and athletics, and practical arts and technology education. Grant Park offers over a dozen extra-curricular activities. Most high school graduates go on to graduate from university. Annually, many students qualify as Advanced Placement National Scholars and have won Cambridge and Rhodes Scholarships. Athletic achievement is very important to Grant Park High School. Throughout its history, Grant Park has won over 300 city and provincial championships in a variety of sports.

Grant Park High School is located close to many shops and services, as well as Pan Am Pool, an Olympic-sized aquatic facility with many athletic programs and services.



Note: All courses may not be available every semester. Registration depends on school timetables and individual class space availability.

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