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Our Valued Partner Agencies

February 4, 2021

The following agencies have successfully placed students in Winnipeg School Division:

Globe-icon smaller.pngAgencia De Viajes Y Estudios LAP (Spain)
Globe-icon smaller.pngAlianzas Culturales (Mexico)
Globe-icon smaller.pngASIA Europe Co. Ltd. (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngAssociazione Easy School Canada (Italy)
Globe-icon smaller.pngAston Herencia (Spain)
Globe-icon smaller.pngBTB Intercambios (Brazil) 
Globe-icon smaller.pngCan-Achieve International Education Ltd. (China)
Globe-icon smaller.pngCanada Ivy Education Corp. (China)
Globe-icon smaller.pngChen & Ferris Analytics and Training Companies (China)
Globe-icon smaller.pngD&D Team (Slovakia)
Globe-icon smaller.pngDHT Technologies (Canada) Inc. (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.png​Efigie (Brazil)
Globe-icon smaller.pngEmpirical Education SL. ("theIEX) (Spain)
Globe-icon smaller.png​English Summer S.A. (Spain)
Globe-icon smaller.pngEruditus (Ukraine)
Globe-icon smaller.pngEstudiantes Embajaroes (Mexico)
Globe-icon smaller.pngExperience World Intercambio (Brazil)
Globe-icon smaller.png​Famous Maple International Education Group (China)
Globe-icon smaller.pngGIVE (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Verstandigung mbH) (Germany)
Globe-icon smaller.pngGlobal Exchange Intercambio Cultural E Turismo Ltda. (Brazil)
Globe-icon smaller.pngGlobal Partners Institute (Japan)
Globe-icon smaller.pngGX High Education (Brazil)
Globe-icon smaller.pngINEC Co. Ltd. (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngInter Studioviaggi (Italy)
Globe-icon smaller.pngInterlink Education Consulting & Training Ltd, Co. (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.png​International English Adventures (Mexico)
Globe-icon smaller.png​​ISET (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngJC Wins Inc. (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.png​​Mindpro Immigration Consultants Pvt. Ltd (India)
Globe-icon smaller.pngPerfect Tour Service Company Limited (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngPHC EDU LINKS (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngPride Intercambio E Turismo (Brazil)
Globe-icon smaller.pngProgramas Interculturales de Mexico S.C. "Edulynks" (Mexico)
Globe-icon smaller.pngRed Leaf S.L. (Spain)
Globe-icon smaller.pngRuijin Education Service Co. Ltd. (China)
Globe-icon smaller.pngShanghai 360 Educational Investment Co., Ltd (China)
Globe-icon smaller.pngSong Son Co., Ltd (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngStudy N Travel Intercambio (Brazil)
Globe-icon smaller.pngTaiminh Education Consultancy and Translation Co Ltd (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngTMS EDU (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngTOANCAU Company (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngUnited Education Corporation (Vietnam)
Globe-icon smaller.pngWest Caravan Immigration Services Inc. (Iran)
Globe-icon smaller.pngWing Japan Ltd (Japan)
​​Globe-icon smaller.pngWinplus International Immigration and Education Service Center (China)
​​Globe-icon smaller.pngYaicos Limited (Chile)
Globe-icon smaller.pngYou Can Learn Global Education (Mexico)

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