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Nursery & Kindergarten - Ms. Fehr

September 6, 2023

Welcome to Nursery/Kindergarten in Room 111! 


We spend our mornings and afternoons exploring and learning through play. Every day (as long as it's warm enough) we spend time outside to learn about the earth, nature and weather. We love climbing, running, swinging and sledding in the winter. 


Our classroom has lots of Learning Centers for us to participate in. Here are some of those centers and what we learn at them:


Building Blocks

  • developing our muscles
  • identifying size and shape
  • experimenting with balance
  • using our imaginations
  • testing our ideas

Play Dough

  • developing our fine motor skills
  • putting ideas into shapes
  • using our imaginations
  • developing artistic skills

Dramatic Play

  • learning cooperation, collaboration and problem solving
  • using language and communication skills
  • understanding feelings of others
  • acting out real life situations
  • building vocabulary


Sometimes our Learning Centers change depending on what we are learning as a class. When we aren't exploring our Learning Centers, we are participating in activities together like singing, poems, drawing, printing and experiments. We also have snack time and finish our day with quiet time to calm our bodies.


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