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Grades 1 & 2 - Ms. Montgomery

May 3, 2023

Anytime Anywhere Learning

This year more than ever it is important that we are able to connect to online learning resources.  

Here are some important links and information sheets about the online learning platforms being used in room 116 this year.

Seesaw is our online learning platform and communication app for students and families.

Through the family app you can stay up to date on what your child is doing in class and send messages to me (Mrs. Montgomery). 

Through the class app students can continue to engage in learning activities even when at home.

seesaw apps.png

How to log in to Seesaw with your home learning code - youtube video

How to log in to Seesaw with your home learning code - infosheet (pdf)

What is DreamBox? - youtube video

How to login to Dreambox - youtube video

How can I help my child learn with DreamBox? - youtube video

King Edward School DreamBox link:

School Code: d7qd/kinge

Classroom Code: 88088


What is RazKids? - youtube video

Grade 1 students will use the teacher username: kinged1

Grade 2 students will use the teacher username: kinged2

Thank you for your continued support!

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