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Junior L.A.C.

January 3, 2023

The Junior Learning Assistance Centre (JR LAC) is a structured program designed for grade 9 and 10 students, offering a support team of one classroom teacher and two educational assistants. The goal of the program is to develop social skills and academic growth through a variety of creative, hands on lesson plans and activities.

Our program utilizes an integrated curriculum that focuses on technology, art and Aboriginal culture.

All JR LAC students have an opportunity to transition (part time or full time) into a mainstream vocational/academic course in collaboration with our program. Each student receives his/her own individual education plan, one on one tutoring with regular reviewing, open and ongoing communication with parents/guardian...creating a path for success!

Examples of curriculum units: Special Activities:

Movie Making Smudging

“Fight the Media” Sharing Circles

Human Rights Friday Field Trips

Aboriginal Culture Sweats

Life Skills 

Wii Tournament

Anger Management School Fundraisers

Creative Reading Strategies

Art Theme Weeks


Our goal is to help you, the student, interact with other students in a classroom setting that would help you have a positive experience. This would included helping you catch up in your math, writing, or reading skills, so that you will have a better chance at succeeding in life.



1) To be integrated into a larger academic class. 

2) To reach your maximum potential at reading, writing, and math. 

3) To demonstrate the social skills(punctuality, universal language, etc.) and self-confidence needed to be successful in life. 

4) To initiate and develop positive relations with other students, and teachers.



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