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Mulvey nets summer activity funding

April 20, 2021
Mulvey - Fishing

The master anglers at Mulvey School reeled in a big one.     

Manitoba Bass Anglers presented Mulvey with a $1,000 cheque on April 15. The money was raised last summer through an MBA head-to-head fishing tournament. 

“We originally wanted it to go our Mulvey School Kids Camp, but camp is cancelled due to COVID-19,” said Gabriel Alves, a special education resource teacher at Mulvey.

“Now, it will be used to put activity packages together for students to take home and use in the summer while they’re on their holiday. So, books, basketballs, some other sports equipment, and technology if we can.”

Alves, an avid angler, has taken Mulvey students fishing in the past. Whether it’s on a boat, from the shore, or on the ice, Alves said fishing is a great hands-on activity for kids to get hooked on. 

“An activity like fishing really reconnects kids to the land,” Alves said. “There is so much more to it than just fishing. There’s a huge science component and an environmental component. I talk about water safety too.” 

“Nowadays, a lot of kids are so engulfed in technology that they don’t realize how much fun you can have without an iPad. They’re used to immediate gratification through technology, whereas fishing is a persistent task. It reconditions kids to learn that sometimes gratification doesn’t come for a while. 

Mulvey isn’t the first WSD school to see the advantages of angling adventures. Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute has operated its McIntyre Anglers program since 2015 and Isaac Newton School has taken small groups of students fishing in Lockport. 

MBA president Ben Lang said fishing can also be a very affordable activity when done from the shore. 

“Some students are becoming that kid who gets on their bike with a fishing rod after school and goes to the nearby creek, as opposed to the many things they could be doing that probably aren’t productive,” Lang said. 

“We’ve shown a lot of kids that fishing is a real fun pastime and a great way to get outdoors and enjoy yourself.”

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