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September 21, 2021

About Winnipeg School Division

Winnipeg School Division is the largest and oldest school division in the Province of Manitoba. WSD provides educational programs and services for more than 33,000 students from Nursery to Grade 12. The students in the division come from a variety of backgrounds and include a significant Indigenous and multi-ethnic population as well as a number of students with exceptional needs. 

The members of the WSD Board of Trustees are proud of the scope and excellence of the programs and supports provided for the students in Winnipeg School Division. The cost of educating students in Winnipeg School Division in 2016/2017 more than $396 million. While over half of this cost is funded by the provincial government, a large part of the cost is supported by the property taxpayers in the division. 

There are approximately 6,000 employees who work either on a full or part-time basis including instructional staff, clerks, educational assistants, custodians, tradespeople and administration. WSD facilities consist of 78 schools, approximately 5,130,000 square feet of building space and approximately 300 acres of grounds. It is important to share these facts about the division with parents and residents to appreciate the complexity of operating a large public school system.

As leaders in education, our schools and our division take great pride in providing high quality and innovative programs and services for our students and their families. The Board of Trustees is proud of the programs and services offered to students in Winnipeg School Division and we are grateful to all the staff who make this possible.

The Board of Trustees believes that the education of children is a partnership between the home and the school community.

2021-2022 Board Meeting Dates

Regular Meetings

  • September 13
  • October 4
  • October 18
  • November 1
  • November 15
  • December 6
  • December 20
  • January 17
  • February 7
  • February 28* (Budget)
  • March 7
  • March 14* (if required)
  • March 21
  • April 11
  • May 2
  • May 16
  • June 6
  • June 20
  • June 27* (12:00 if required)

*Special Meetings



The Winnipeg School Division Board of Trustees is established as a corporation under the terms of the Public Schools Act of Manitoba. The Board of Trustees is responsible for providing adequate school accommodation in the most enabling environment for the resident persons who have the right to attend school. As well as employing teachers and personnel that may be required by WSD, and prescribing their duties; and for determining the number, grade and description of schools to be established and maintained. The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting policy under which WSD operates and determining the level of the annual budget. The Board is comprised of nine trustees who are elected by the local residents. 

The decisions made by a school board at its meetings set the overall directions and policy for the school division. The school board employs administrators to see that this direction is implemented in an effective and efficient manner and for the day-to-day operation of the school division.

Trustees shall serve as the Board of Trustees of Winnipeg School Division and when acting as a Board, all of the powers, duties, and responsibilities as are set out in the Public Schools Act, its Regulations, and any other act of the Province of Manitoba applicable to the Boards of Trustees of school divisions.

A Guide to School Boards and Trusteeship in Manitoba has been developed by the Manitoba Schools Boards Association to assist in providing an overview on the role of trustees.


Effective in the 2014 Municipal Elections, the Winnipeg School Division has amended the existing boundaries from a three wards system, with each ward represented by three trustees, to a nine wards system with one trustee representative per ward.


Delegations are invited to speak to the WSD Board of Trustees at the beginning of Regular Board meetings. Due to public health orders, delegations are not permitted to appear in person until further notice in an effort to protect members of the public and WSD employees and reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.  Communications options include audio, video and on-line conferencing.  Please contact the Board and Community Liaison Officer at (204) 789-0469 to register to appear as a delegation as discuss options to make your presentation. 

Regular meetings of the Board are normally held during the first and third weeks in the months during the school year at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise ordered by a special motion, the schedule to be determined by the Board. When necessary, special meetings of the Board may be held on the second week of each month at 7:00 p.m., provided however that if any such day falls on a statutory or civic holiday, the Board may meet on another date to be designated by the Board.


The annual indemnity ranges from $21,500 to $26,500 to assist with Board Business including attending meetings.




Jamie Dumont 
Ward 1

Chris Broughton
Ward 2


Ward 3

Ward 4

Cindy Murdoch
Ward 5


Yijie (Jennifer) Chen
Ward 6


Arlene Reid preferred headshot.jpg

Arlene Reid
Ward 7


Betty Edel
Chairperson - Ward 8


Linda Schatkowsky
Ward 9

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