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WSD Policies

May 6, 2024

One of the main roles of the Board of Trustees is the development of policy to govern the operation of Winnipeg School Division. Policies are defined as principles adopted by the Board to chart a course of action. They need to be broad enough to indicate a line of action to be taken by the administration in meeting the day-to-day operation of WSD. They need to be narrow enough to give the administration clear guidance. Administrative Rules or Procedures are the detailed directions developed by the administration to put policy into practice. The administration is not authorized to act outside of Board policy or to waive policy without the approval of the Board.

WSD Policies

A - Foundations and Basic Commitments

AB - Accessibility - May 15/23
AC - Human Rights - May 15/17
B - Board Governance and Operations
C - General School Administration
D - Fiscal Management
E - Support Services
F - Facilities Development

G - Personnel
GCC - Recruitment - Aug 25/08

H - Negotiations
I - Instruction
IF - Curriculum - March 3/08
IGABA - Indigenous Education - November 2, 2020

J - Students
JEB - Entrance Age - Sept 11/17
JG - Safe Schools - June 17/19
JGB - Detention - June 7/21

K School - Community Relations
KBCA - News Releases - Sept. 11/17

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