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Requests to share promotional info in schools

September 28, 2021

Guidelines for distribution of materials, information to schools, students from external sources

External organizations regularly request their information be made available to schools and students. If the information meets the guidelines and is approved, the information will be posted to the Winnipeg School Division’s intranet, where it can be viewed by staff only. 

WSD considers requests for posting to its intranet only information that conform to Board policy. The following is a brief synopsis of what may be accepted. (For more information, please see Policy KBF - Distribution of Information by Students and Policy KJ - Advertising in the Schools.)

May be accepted:

  • Information for students of an educational or recreational nature from various levels of government, and non-commercial organizations.
  • Information about fundraising opportunities for schools or parent councils to benefit schools. 

Not accepted:

  • Information with commercial (other than fundraising opportunities for schools or parent councils to benefit schools), political or religious messages

Requests for posting information can be sent to the following email address:

NOTE: Items with multiple attachments will NOT be posted, please format your information into ONE PDF file. Non-PDF files will not be opened or posted. Printed material will not be distributed by WSD to schools and/or students. If approved, the requesting organization may choose to distribute hard copies to schools at its own expense.

Please provide a PDF file of printed materials via email to

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