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WSD medal winners at the 2021 Skills Manitoba competition

April 21, 2021
Skills Canada - Manitoba

Congratulations to all WSD students who took part in the 2021 Skills Manitoba Virtual Competition.

Job Search Secondary

Gold - Gurkirat Singh, Kelvin High School

Bronze - Gabrielle Young, Kelvin High School

Mechanical Engineering CAD

Bronze - Jasper Alexander, Tec-Voc High School

2D Character Computer Animation Secondary

Gold - Kimberly Chau & Bianca Solis, Sisler High School

Silver - Lourmay Tumaneng & Shaun Murillo, Tec-Voc High School

Bronze - Sam Balanial & Xierra Cansino, Sisler High School

IT Network Systems Administration Secondary

Gold - Miguel Vieira, Sisler High School

Silver - Syrus Neil-McSwain, Sisler High School

Bronze - Erik Easter, Sisler High School

Photography Post-Secondary

Silver - Aiyanna St. Cyr, Tec-Voc High School

Bronze - Hannah Barnbrook, Tec-Voc High School

Photography Secondary

Silver - Natasha Winzinowich, Tec-Voc High School

Video Production Secondary

Gold - Ethan Langit & Sean Monfero, Sisler High School

Silver - Breanna Carpio & Shawna Miranda, Tec-Voc High School

Architectural Technology & Design Secondary

Gold - Alexzandra Moog, Tec-Voc High School

Silver - Karen Servidad, Tec-Voc High School

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