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DMCI develops cycling campaign

June 7, 2021
DMCI - Bike Week

Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute students are persuading their peers to pick up pedalling. 

Grade 12 students at DMCI have put together an active transportation campaign to encourage young people to bike Orange Bison, one of 41 School Loops developed by Winnipeg Trails Association. 

The promotional project is part of Bike Week Winnipeg, which runs from June 7 to 13. 

“We’re trying to get students out biking and walking, any mode of active transportation, because it’s good for your physical and mental health and it’s also good for the environment,” said Caitlin Johnston, a Grade 12 student.

The students developed the active transportation campaign as part of their Grade 12 English class taught by Cynthia Jones.

Promoted through social media, the campaign is composed of different cycling challenges. For instance, Monday’s challenge was to bike to Garbage Hill and take a photo of the sign to be entered into a draw for DMCI merchandise. 

Another challenge the student’s developed is a treasure hunt.   

“For the treasure hunt we collaborated with five other schools in the area, Clifton, Sargent Park, Laura Secord, Wolseley and General Wolfe,” said Yani Barbon, a Grade 12 student.

“If you follow the School Loop, at each of the schools there is a QR code,” Johnston said. “When students scan those QR codes they’re put into a raffle to win different DMCI merch prizes.”

Wednesday’s challenge will provide a chance to cool off after cycling.  

“We contacted the local Dairy Queen on Sargent Avenue and they are giving us 60 free ice cream cones to anyone who completes the School Loop,” said Saleem Hailemolokot, a Grade 12 student.  

“They just take a photo of the poster and get a free ice cream cone.”

Jones said the students have taken on this project and rolled with it. 

“I’m trying to teach them how to advocate for themselves and how to run a campaign and research and provide data for themselves,” Jones said. “I’m just so floored with what they’ve accomplished. They’ve come together as a group. Some of them didn’t know each other that well at the beginning of the course, but they’ve gelled so much.”

“They’ve just exceeded all my expectations with advocating and writing letters, proposals and promotional materials, stuff we don’t normally cover. I hope that they’ve come up with something to remember their Grade 12 year by.”

Johnston said developing an active transportation campaign has been a valuable learning opportunity.

“It helps to learn what goes into planning and making projects work. I think this will be very helpful for later on in life,” Johnston said. 

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