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Learning is the way to go at WSD Summer Session

July 20, 2021 School Activity
Three Summer Session students outside their classroom

Yes, it is summer break, but that is not stopping 200 high school students from taking a step closer to their career goals. 

WSD Summer Session is offering 33 courses, in-class at Grant Park High School, from July 7 to 30, 2021.

"We are excited to see the students back in classrooms, highly engaged and focussed after a challenging school year," says Shaun Bright, Vice Principal of the summer program. 

"The transition between regular and online classes was hard for some of the students. Hence, our experienced teachers are providing personalized attention and support to both repeat and new learners." 

Two-thirds are new learners and have chosen to spend three weeks of their summer break to be better prepared for the coming year.  Grade 11 and Grade 12 Chemistry and Grade 12 English are the three most popular courses this year.

"Studying in a classroom is more lively, comfortable and it's easier to ask questions to the teacher,” says Anne Santos, a Sisler High School student enrolled in Grade 12 Chemistry course. “Virtual environment was a bit harder since the interaction with the teacher sometimes got confusing for me."

"I chose to be at summer school to take some load off next year. Grade 12 will get busier applying to universities and finding a job. I enjoyed completing a math course in pre-calculus last year at this school and it helped me complete another Grade 12 course during my free time," says Dan Latimer, a St. Paul High School student who plans to get into law or business studies after graduation. 

Ayesha Raza is also a student returning to Summer Session based on her last year's positive experience. "When I apply to universities in November, having Grade 12 credits will show my commitment to learning and help me get into applied science courses. I’ve been learning in a virtual environment for a year and a half, so stepping in a regular classroom and making new friends feels good," says Raza.  

Raza feels the Summer Session teachers are able to be more flexible and responsive. The class sizes are smaller and so the teachers are able to resolve problems and queries instantly.

"It's great to be working with a diverse and very keen group of students. They are taking these courses voluntarily for their post-secondary pursuits or they are curious to learn more about science," says Jenna Forslund, who is teaching biology at summer session. 

"We do a lot of group activities and online labs to ensure everyone gets all the essential knowledge and benefits from these classes."

Summer Session wraps up on July 30, 2021. 


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