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Back to School with Hope & Excitement

September 7, 2021
Back to School with Hope & Excitement

It’s going to be a busy week with the return to school and routine for students across Manitoba. And with this excitement can be some stress too but Winnipeg School Division teachers and administrators have been working hard to welcome everyone back to the schoolroom. 

A few reminders

Parents and guardians are reminded that masks are required for all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. 

Assess your children’s current health prior to attending school using the COVID 19 Screening Tool.

Keep unwell children at home and follow the guide for when a sick student attend school.

A visit to one of WSD’s elementary schools 

Principal Brian Rogowsky at Wolseley School is delighted to open the doors to students again. The hardwoods are waxed and shiny, and tables and desks are spaced out to allow for physical distancing.  

“Back to school will look like last year except for a few new safety rules. All students, staff and visitors must wear masks in the school, and we’ve been advised that all WSD staff will be required to be fully vaccinated or frequently tested as an added layer of protection for everyone.” 

“We are now allowed to sing and practice extracurricular activities while following safety guidelines,” shares Mr. Rogowsky. Sports will return with a focus on re-learning skills and game abilities without competition. This “Return To Train” format will give students the opportunity to focus on being active and feeling good. 

Wolseley student Alexis Hornung is excited to be headed to Grade 6 and to see her friends again. “We talked to each other on Messenger Kids, we played Minecraft and Among Us, and would chat and play,” she shared with a giggle. 

Alexis’s mom, Ally Hornung, is looking forward to her daughter having a fun return to the classroom and, of course, a routine again. “I think a lot of the kids are looking forward to not being lonely and bored anymore. And I won’t be the sole source of Alexis’s entertainment!” A sentiment surely many parents and caregivers can relate to in these pandemic times. 

“Teachers are most looking forward to having students back in the classrooms, reconnecting friendships, and learning together once again,” agrees Principal Rogowsky. “My advice to parents for a smooth return would be to have patience and to communicate with your teachers. There are many changing rules and guidelines, and we will always do our very best to keep students safe so they can learn and grow.” 

For Alexis, with this being her last year at Wolseley School, her hope is to experience all the milestones that come with graduation from this institution. Alexis and her friends are excited about being Patrol Captains which will have them training the new patrols and taking on leadership roles. Grade 6 grad is on the horizon and this class is ready to have their best year yet! 

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