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Isaac Brock students recognized for COVID safety video

October 1, 2021
Isaac Brock Orange Shirt Day

A sea of orange shirts, ribbon skirts, and tiny voices filled the gym at Isaac Brock gym on Wednesday morning as students gathered to be presented with special T-shirts for National Truth and Reconciliation Day with WASAC/Jets logo as part of the school’s helping to promote COVID-19 safety with their award-winning video

Grand Chief Arlen Dumas of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and Kevin Chief, senior advisor, community development with True North Sports and Entertainment along with Principal Chris Goring celebrated the students of Isaac Brock School and their video produced by teachers and students to promote good public health practices to keep everyone safe at school during COVID-19. 

The carefully physically distanced assembly began with the school singing O Canada in Cree in honour of the thriving bilingual program led by Ms. Bernier. Each of the esteemed guests addressed the school community expressing their admiration and support for the educational and Indigenous cultural pursuits at Isaac Brock school. Grand Chief Dumas spoke in Cree and told the students how proud he was of them for learning Cree and keeping the language alive. Mr. Chief playfully teased the students in Cree, thanked the students for their hard work in making the video, and presented the special WASAC/True North Jets orange T-shirts to the group who made the video. Smiles were in large supply when Mr. Chief told the assembly that not only were the students in the video getting shirts but that each student would be getting the special shirt too. Squeals of delight and clapping hands sounded throughout the gym and echoed louder when Vice Principal Nadia De Luca informed the students they were getting pizza too. 

Principal Goring made special note that some students attending the event on this day might never have attended an assembly before due to COVID-19 being a part of life since early 2020. The assembly closed with the Rattle Song, “The People are Strong, Thank You Creator For The Strength” in honour of National Truth and Reconciliation Day and all residential school children.

Special thanks to all the teachers and staff for such an organized and safe gathering for the students and guests. 

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