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Seven Oaks General Hospital Artwork

December 17, 2021 News Story
Talitha Kaethler hangs artwork at Seven Oak General Hospital

Art has a positive impact on experiences, especially during the hustle and bustle at a busy hospital. It gives hope and encouragement to peers and community members.

Seven Oaks General Hospital Foundation has partnered with Winnipeg School Division to display student artwork in two well-travelled hallways.

Janet Maxwell is the Stewardship and Donor Relations Officer with Seven Oaks General Hospital Foundation.

"This is important to us because, through Covid-19, everyone's had the mundane and fear; we are trying to enhance the patient experience." 

This project is organized by art teacher Talitha Kaethler at David Livingstone School and Sofia Costantini, WSD Program Lead. Contributed artwork comes from David Livingstone, Sargent Park and Wolseley School. The display contains various art forms, including mixed media, photography, watercolour and acrylic.

Patients, staff and visitors travel this hallway; as they move, the meaning and emotions move as well.

"They'll follow the contours of the artwork but also the stories and emotions that are illicited by students." 

For Kaethler the impact of this initiative on her students hits close to home.

"It's personal to the students; it's a way they can give back to the quality of life at a place that cared for their own families."

At David Livingstone School, students have been focusing their efforts on creating art centred around nature. 

Ashton Gregory-Brownrigg is a Grade 7 student excited to have his art displayed for others to see.

"I like the fact that we all got to pick something special to us and I can have my art somewhere people can see."

Keathler is constantly inspired by her students’ ability to give back. 

"It's their honesty and generosity. They have no problem giving something away, not knowing if they're getting it back. It's enriching and inspiring." 

Maxwell, Costantini and Kaethler are thrilled to have artwork from young immerging artists in WSD hung at SOGH.

"As people walk down the hallway, they can grab inspiration from different students and different ages."

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