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Harrow School celebrates cultures and traditions

January 12, 2023 News Story
Ray Coco Stevenson encouraged students to ask questions after the dance performances and he then answered them in depth.

December was an exciting and busy month for all WSD Schools. Students and staff created wonderful memories through various celebrations, concerts, donation drives, community meals and more. 

Harrow School celebrated its students and staff's diverse cultures and traditions throughout December. Students shared information about their Romanian, Filipino, Turkish, Ukrainian, Jewish, Portuguese, and Eritrean cultures. Food, family time and decorations are the three critical components of all traditions.


Some students said they visit family members or go tobogganing during this time of year. Others told the school about the traditional dishes they eat or the decorations they use to celebrate.

Harrow School also had a winter concert with the theme "Holiday Celebrations Around the World." Staff and students decorated the school's office with objects from different cultures, like a Poinsettia from Mexico and a Parol from the Philippines. That sparked many interesting conversations about the different customs and practices of the school community.

A Grade 6 student, Brooklyn Barkman, said, "I enjoyed all the foods we tasted. It was delicious." 

Eula Olivar, a Grade 4 student, shared her appreciation for the Ensomada, a traditional Filipino dish. Mark Goisman, a Grade 1 student, told the school how he celebrates Hanukkah at home with a menorah.


"I liked speaking about how in Romania, people celebrate the holidays. Santa is referred to as St. Nicholas. People gather around to celebrate the arrival of the new year," said Mateo Mujcinovic, Grade 3 student. 

"The foods we have during this time consist of cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers and lots of different salads and treats. A dance called Capra is performed by male dancers, and they go house to house, wishing everyone a healthy new year."

The school also learned about the traditions of different cultures through storytelling. On December 21, the school celebrated the Winter Solstice, a special day for some cultures that mark the shortest amount of daylight in the year. 

All the students and staff gathered in the gymnasium for captivating Indigenous performances by Ray "Coco" Stevenson and the Walking Wolf Singers and Dancers. They sang and danced and shared more knowledge about Indigenous culture. The students even tried some traditional wild berries at the end of the performance.


Ms. Susie Weimer, an Educational Assistant at Harrow School, shared that her family celebrates German heritage during the holidays. She said, "I never imagined being so emotional hearing someone else narrate my personal story over the PA system. I appreciated hearing someone else read our way of celebrating the holidays with others."

The students tasted many traditional dishes and heard about different cultures' unique customs and practices. It was a great way to bring the school community together and appreciate the richness and diversity of Harrow School. 

Overall, it was a fun and educational month at Harrow School. The school hopes to continue celebrating and learning about each other's cultures in the future.


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