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Caretakers - 5th Class Power Engineer

October 11, 2023
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Caretakers in WSD must be certified 5th Class Power Engineers (or higher). Positions are for secure, full-time (12 month) placements. Competitive salaries ($25.52 for assistant caretaker up to $31.68 for chief caretaker), pension and excellent benefits. 

Caretakers work 40 hours/week, Monday to Friday with various day and evening shifts. Most caretakers begin as substitutes, going to different schools and buildings, getting to know various locations. The work is 85 percent cleaning and 15 percent boiler maintenance.

WSD is looking for people with at least one year experience in building cleaning maintenance along with knowledge of commercial cleaning products and equipment.

Caretakers are also role models for students across WSD – your work ethic, commitment to clean and safe schools, and positive attitude can be the motivation a young person needs to succeed. Be the inspiration and get started now – complete the online fillable application.

To learn more about being a caretaker with WSD, watch Sal’s story.

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