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Time travels at the Red River Heritage Fair 2024

May 13, 2024
WSD Student explaining the rich culture of the Interior Salish Peoples.

On May 2, over 65 students from WSD schools showcased their passion for Canadian history in inspiring ways, demonstrating that history shapes our future by understanding where we come from. 

École Sacré-Coeur School students made a remarkable impact with their projects. Their topics ranged from the history of Ontario and exploring Canadian soccer to taking on the story of Jacques Cartier and celebrating the groundbreaking achievements of Rosella Bjornson, Canada's first female airline pilot.

Gladstone School's Jadzima Kethogtsong Smith highlighted the rich culture of the Interior Salish Peoples, offering a glimpse into a lesser-known aspect of Canadian history.

Aleisha Dyer, the social studies teacher at Gladstone School, says, "Our Grade 5 and 6 students have been learning about the Indigenous Peoples of Canada before European contact through a historical lens. Students learned about historical significance, analyzed evidence from primary and secondary sources, examined continuity and change, and explored the cause and consequence of major events."

École Robert H. Smith School students brought attention to significant events, with one project shedding light on the Battle of Seven Oaks and another focusing on peacekeeping efforts. Students at Robertson School explored the life of a Voyageur, showcasing the adventurous spirit of early Canadian explorers.

Johnson%20and%20Candace_Robertson%20School.jpgPhoto supplied by Andrew Workman, Canada's History Society

Sargent Park School students also showcased diverse topics at the Red River Heritage Fair, including Hudson's Bay Company history, remarkable Canadian women, fur trade fashion, and vital infrastructure projects like the Shoal Lake Aqueduct. Projects also honoured significant figures like Romeo Dallaire and Tommy Prince.


"The passion the students exhibited during the Red River Heritage Fair process has blown me away. Watching the hallways lined with students building their backboards to display their research, to then see the finished products at our school-based fair, to then go to Regionals has been outstanding," said Holly Proulx, Grade 8 Social Studies Teacher, Sargent Park School.

"Hearing feedback from the judges about how amazing their conversations with the students gave me goosebumps."


Sisler High School students made significant contributions to the fair. Their projects included exploring the world of flowers and herbs, Indigenous sustainable farming practices, celebrating the reclaiming of Indigenous culture, examining the continuity and change within Ukrainian immigration to Canada, and shedding light on Sikh history in Canada, showcasing the rich tapestry of cultural diversity within our nation.

"The Red River Heritage Fair is a wonderful showcase of student research and learning," says Donna Dawson, co-chair of the Red River Heritage Fair organizing committee. 

"The students have worked so hard on their projects, and the opportunity to share them with a broader audience of families, teachers, and heritage professionals is a really meaningful and authentic learning experience for them." 

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the Red River Heritage Fair! And, the winners are: 


  • Angelica Gata and Andre Bardelas – Roots of Healing: The Impact of Indigenous Medicine on Modern Healthcare – Sisler

Sustainable Development Award

  • Julia Gaile Quijano – Indigenous Sustainable Farming Practices – Sisler
  • Nevaeh Mallari – Shoal Lake Aquaduct – Sargent Park School Manitoba Museum
  • Julia Gaile Quijano – Indigenous Sustainable Farming Practices – Sisler

MSSTA Marie Zorniak Memorial Award

  • Malaki Kennedy – Reclaiming Indigenous Culture – Sisler

Veterans Award

  • Kyla Maula and Sandra Serviento – Romeo Dallaire The Rwandan Genocide – Sargent Park School

Le prix du musée de Saint Boniface Museum

  • Alero Grey and Kiana Rivera – L’Ontario – Sacré-Coeur
  • Angela Dandan and Bella Santos – Jacques Cartier – Sacré-Coeur
  • Ava Balat – HBC – Sargent Park School

Manitoba Historical Society

  • Margaret Whitehead – La bataille de Seven Oaks – Robert H.Smith
  • Therese Panes and Lana Santos – Tommy Prince – Sargent Park School
  • Kaylee Bercier and Jada Hartog-Chippeway – Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women – Sargent Park School

Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame

  • Elijah Bickle-Tapper and Hudson Page – Le soccer canadien – Sacré-Coeur

Residential School History

  • Thea Fabillan and Daisha Mendoza – Every Child Matters – Sargent Park School

Art Award

  • Anastasiia Turkevych – Continuity and Change: Ukrainian Immigration to Canada – Sisler

Impact of Faith (CMU)

  • Vaheek Saggu and Aishveer Sohal – Sikh History in Canada – Sisler

Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

  • Annabelle Mutch and Maya Bickle-Tapper – Rosella Bjornson – Sacré-Coeur

Honourable Mention

  • Ivy Douborough – Maintien de Paix – Robert H.Smith
  • Jasmine Dawson – Remarkable Women in Canadian History – Sargent Park School
  • Candace Mercado and Johnson Nguyen – Being a Voyageur – Robertson School

Heritage Winnipeg Award

  • Ava Balat – HBC – Sargent Park School

Award of Excellence

  • Loureen Gomez – Fashion in the Fur Trade – Sargent Park School

Marie Zorniak Heritage of the Heart Award

  • Jadzima Kethogtsong Smith – Interior Salish Peoples – Gladstone School

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