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Grant Park High School students shine at Canada Wide Science Fair

June 27, 2024
Grant Park High School students with their medals.

The 62nd edition of the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF), Canada’s largest annual youth STEM event, was organized at Carleton University in Ottawa from May 26 to 31, 2024. This year, 387 student finalists from all 13 provinces and territories gathered to display their STEM projects and compete for over $1.3 million in scholarships, awards and prizes.
All four Grant Park High School students participating in the Canada-Wide Science Fair won medals for their outstanding research and presentations. Congratulations to Isaac for winning a silver medal and Hadiya, Ella, and Anqi for winning the Bronze medal at this prestigious national event!

The details of their projects are: 
∙ Isaac Di Cresce - Silver, Junior
Claim - The gene for smelling a change in urine after eating asparagus (aka “asparagus pee”) appears to be inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern


∙ Hadiya Omer - Bronze, Senior
Claim - Deviations in Skin Cell Area Trends may Signal Cancer Development


∙ Ella Strachan - Bronze, Senior
Claim - My program predicts the occurrence of Dementia with 97% accuracy


∙ Anqi Guan - Bronze, Senior
Claim - Interleukin-17A as a therapeutic intervention for improving the outcome of stem cell transplantations after heart attacks


We are proud of the exceptional achievements of these young scientists, who not only represented Winnipeg School Division but also captured the essence of exploration and discovery that the CWSF celebrates. Their contributions to science will one day help the world, and we are eager to see where their curiosity and intellect will take them next.
A big shoutout to their Science teacher and mentor, Michael Kattenfeld! 


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