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Robotics Club Bridges Schools: Rockwood and Grant Park Students Learn and Innovate Together

June 27, 2024
Students of Rockwood School with their Art teacher and mentors from Grant Park School.

Rockwood School students recently partnered with Grant Park School's Robotics Team for an exciting after-school Robotics club. This collaboration began in February and culminated in a friendly robotics competition on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

"Grant Park School's Robotics Team brought out the talents and potentials of Rockwood kids," said Ranchelle Opena, the Arts Teacher at Rockwood School. "They guided and mentored our students through every step of the process."

The collaboration covered various aspects of robotics, including planning, material selection, problem-solving, artistic decoration, and critical thinking. Students formed four teams, each working diligently on their unique robot creation.

"All four teams put a lot of effort, time, and dedication into their creations," Opena added. "We are so proud of them."

The project culminated in a special Friendly Robotics Competition organized by Rockwood School on June 20. During the event, students tested their robots in a Sumo wrestling-style challenge. The robots faced off against each other in time-based rounds, pushing their opponents out of the ring. 


Students named their teams: Team Jokers, Team Sharp, Team Cardboard and Team Rose. 


The competition consisted of three preliminary rounds and a final match between the top two performers. The winning team, Team Sharp: Daniel Yin, Riyad Ibrahim and Lily-Anne Lucier, was crowned the overall champion.

Grade 5 student Lily-Anne Lucier from Team Sharp expressed her excitement about the competition. "We've been working hard on our robot," she said. "It was exciting to win and watch how our robot performed!"


Grant Park High School student and robotics team member Erin Jones praised the Rockwood students' dedication. "It's been amazing to see how quickly they picked up the concepts," he said. "Their creativity and problem-solving skills were impressive."

The Grant Park team consisted of four members: Laura Gueco, Grade 9; Erin Jones, Grade 10; and Grade 11 students Youssef Abdrabbo and Marcus Pruden. They visited Rockwood School fifteen times every Thursday after school hours.  

This collaborative project taught students about robotics and fostered teamwork and cross-grade mentorship. "This project was a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn from older peers and apply their skills hands-on," said Rockwood School Principal Angela Perez.

A few parents and teachers cheered the young innovators at the friendly Robotics Competition. This unique initiative showcases the Winnipeg School Division's commitment to STEM education and fostering connections between schools.

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