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The Boys of Valour Road

February 8, 2021

A Tec Voc High School student is paying tribute to the brave actions of three Winnipeg men in the First World War.

Heidi Wright wrote “The Boys of Valour Road” in honour of the heroism and sacrifices made by Cpl. Leo Clarke, Sgt-Major Frederick William Hall and Lt. Robert Shankland long ago.

On Friday, Nov. 9, she will be performing the song live at Tec Voc as part of three advance Remembrance Day services throughout the day. She started writing the song back in August.


“My mom and I were driving down Ellice and we saw that big mural of the Boys of Valour Road,” she said. “I got home and started doing some research about them, and thought this could be a great song for Remembrance Day."

Clark, Hall and Shankland all lived within a short distance of each other on Pine Street, which was renamed Valour Road in 1925 in their honour. Of the three men, only Shankland returned home; Clark and Hall were both killed in action overseas. All three would go on to earn the Victoria Cross, the highest military honour in the British Empire.

“I just want people to remember them more and know the history behind everything that happened,” Heidi said.

The 15-year-old musician has written seven complete songs in the past year, and even had the opportunity to perform three gigs in Nashville over the summer.

“Writing music, for me, it’s therapeutic. Everyone has their own way of dealing with things and music is just my outlet. It’s how I express myself.”

Through the performing arts and broadcasting programs at Tec Voc, Heidi has been putting together an album which she will be releasing in April of 2019. Her first music video, which was produced by the Tec Voc Broadcasting Department and Hornet Music Studios, can be viewed here.

“There’s something for everyone at Tec Voc—there’s always a way of expressing what you do best,” Heidi said.

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