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Media Contact Information

August 24, 2022

Information for Media

If you are with the news media and would like to cover an event within Winnipeg School Division, our communications department will assist you by arranging interviews and providing information. Please begin by contacting Public Relations Services at or by phoning 204-775-0231

Media Clearance

To comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, our principals and/or teachers must first check to ensure students have parental consent (policy KBAA) before they are interviewed or photographed by the media. If you are covering an event at a school, please request permission from the principal or teacher before interviewing or photographing any of our students.

Access to Property

Principals have the authority to decide whether media will be permitted on school property and will first consult with the WSD Communications Office before granting access. If you choose to videotape school grounds while on public property and there are children in the area, we ask you to remember that some students are not to be videotaped or photographed for their own safety. Please ensure your video does not identify students to the public. To streamline your efforts, please contact the WSD Communications Office prior to attending a school site.


We know you have deadlines and we will do our best to accommodate your requests for interviews and access to school sites. Please keep in mind that school staff have important jobs to do educating our students and aren’t always available on short notice. We also allow all WSD staff to have the right to refuse to do a media interview and if this occurs, we will try to find an alternative interviewee for your subject. All requests for interviews in WSD must be cleared through the Communications Office and we recommend you start there, as going directly to school principals, trustees and other staff will only cause delays. 

News Releases

WSD distributes its news releases via email to all local Winnipeg media outlets. In addition, the most current news releases are posted on this website. Please visit our News Releases page.

To be added to the distribution list for WSD news releases please contact

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