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Clinical Support Services

August 12, 2021

School based support services for children and families

Clinical Support Services provides clinical service to students, families and schools in Winnipeg School Division and various independent schools in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Services include Clinical Reading, Communication Disorders (Speech Language and Audiology), School Psychology and School Social Work.

CSS Value Statement

Our work is centered on improving outcomes for students and is guided by the core values of professionalism and clinical excellence, advocacy, collaboration, trusting relationships, and responsible practice.

These values are brought to life in the work we do with students, families, and educators in our shared commitment to:

Professionalism and clinical excellence - by providing the best possible support and clinical services to students, families, and schools through continuing education and best practices.

Advocacy - by providing a voice for those whose needs may not be fully understood and addressed without our support.

Collaboration - by working together with students, families, school staff, and community resources, because we believe that a team which brings multiple backgrounds and professional disciplines together and which genuinely has students' interests at heart is the best way to meet students' needs.

Trusting relationships - because trusting relationships are the foundation of the work we do; we know that when students, families, and schools believe in our reliability, our integrity, and our ability to deliver on what we commit to do, we can make good things happen for students.

Responsible practice - by being accountable for our actions and the consequences of those actions. We believe that reflective practice and respect for cultural diversity are integral to the work we do. We believe in learning from the outcomes students experience as the result of our work and in always looking for ways to improve our service using evidence-based data.

CSS Statement of Purpose

The primary mission of Clinical Support Services shall be to provide multi-disciplinary support services to school systems for children with special needs by providing preventative, consultative, diagnostic, and intervention services. The services provided by CSS shall be consistent with the most relevant research and proven methods in regard to the delivery of innovative and quality educational programs.

WSD Clinical Support Services booklet


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