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​Superintendents' Department

November 15, 2021

Organizational Chart of Administrators

The Chief Superintendent of Schools is the Chief Executive Officer of the Board and is hired by the Board of Trustees to manage the affairs of the school division.

A Senior Administration team reports to the Chief Superintendent and supports all aspects of Winnipeg School Division (WSD) including education and curriculum, planning, system services, human resources, buildings, transportation, community and board services, and communications. The Senior Administration is supported by a team of administrative assistants with extensive in-school experience and knowledge.

Two Superintendents of Education Services and five Directors are responsible for the general direction and coordination of all matters relevant to the delivery of educational services in schools. Each Director is responsible for a group of schools, approximately 16 each, and all aspects related to staffing, supervision and performance evaluations, budget development and allocation, and direction to principals on the delivery of programs and services.

In addition, each Superintendent and Director holds a portfolio of programs for development and implementation across the division. (See organization chart current for portfolio details)

The Secretary Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer responsible for all areas of finance and budgeting for WSD. Reporting to the Secretary Treasurer are the Director of Buildings and the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.

The Director of Buildings oversees all maintenance, repairs and new construction throughout the division. In addition to supporting the finance department, the Assistant Secretary Treasurer oversees Transportation Services.

The Board and Community Liaison Services Officer is responsible for all aspects of supporting the WSD Board of Trustees including agenda development, minutes, correspondence and meetings. This office also supports outreach and collaboration with parents, community and community organizations, assist in resolving matters of concern to parents, work with school staff and examines the development of schools as centres of the community.

The Chief Human Resource Officer is responsible for staffing, labour relations, and professional development programs for WSD employees.

The Senior Information Officer is responsible for communications with internal and external audiences including planning and resource allocation, brand development and implementation, media relations, social media and website presence, and WSD publications.

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