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WSD Financial Facts

April 22, 2021

WSD Financial Facts.pdf

    WSD Student Demographics
    Financial and Statistical Information
    Enrolment Trends


Part 1 - Introduction

Winnipeg School Division provides a learning environment which fosters the growth of each student’s potential and provides equitable opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for meaningful participation in a global and diverse society.

Our vision is for current and future students/staff learning and working within Winnipeg School Division to be: Engaged, Confident, Inspired, and Successful Learners.

School divisions in Manitoba are required to submit a balanced budget to the Provincial Department of Education and Training by the end of March each year. Winnipeg School Division views public consultations as an important part of the budget process. While budget input is encouraged throughout the year, starting in November, WSD Board of Trustees make a series of presentations at area based forums to create a general understanding of the budget, funding sources and taxation, including an overview of the anticipated challenges in developing a sustainable budget for programs and services. Interested parties, such as parent council groups, are encouraged to share their priorities.

The Board of Trustees, through the Finance and Personnel Committee, reviews the feedback from these consultations, receives information from the Province on public schools funding for the coming year, and then develops a Draft Budget. The Draft Budget is posted and a second series of community consultations is held through February before a Final Budget is developed and presented to the Province.

The information in this document provides background on WSD financial facts. Included are the many and diverse aspects of Winnipeg School Division that the Board of Trustees must take into consideration in order to draft a sustainable budget.

WSD Student Demographics

Languages Spoken at Home

  • In 2019/20, English was the only language spoken in 55.9% of homes. No English was spoken in the homes of 2,562 students (8.5%).
  • The five most frequently reported languages, other than English, spoken in students’ homes were Tagalog, Indic, Anishinaabe, Cree, and Arabic.

WSD Student Demographics

Student Immigration, English as an Additional Language – EAL, & Aboriginal Students

  • In 2019/20, 21.4% of the Gr. N-12 students living with their parents were immigrants or refugees. The percentage was higher in secondary grades (7-12) than elementary grades (N-6).

  • EAL students are identified starting in Grade 1. 19.4% of Gr. 1-12 students were identified as EAL. The percentage was higher in secondary grades (7-12) than elementary grades (N-6). As per Provincial guidelines, EAL students are not identified until the spring of their kindergarten year, therefore Nursery and Kindergarten students are excluded from this calculation.

  • Overall, 27.7% of the students in Gr. N-12 living with their parents/guardians self-declared themselves as Indigenous or were band sponsored students. Somewhat more of the elementary students were Indigenous students.
    *All the information is based on our September 30th, 2019 student file.

Financial and Statistical Information

WSD Facts

GradesNumber of Schools
Elementary N - 40
Elementary N - 643
Elementary N - 812
Elementary N - 93
Junior High 7 - 81
Junior High7 - 94
Secondary 7 - 126
Secondary 9 - 127
Total Number of Schools
Other Administrative Buildings

2019-20 Actual
Operating $419,212,351
Total Enrolment32,743
Total Teachers2,171.91
Total Educational Assistants1,164.20
Total Principals and Vice-Principals119.50
Total School Office Clerical287.92
Total Caretakers315

Andrew Mynarski School7-9Hugh John Macdonald School7-9Ralph Brown SchoolN-8
Argyle Alternative High School10-12Inkster SchoolN-6River ElmN-6
Brock Corydon SchoolN-6Isaac Brock SchoolN-9École River Heights School7-8
Carpathia SchoolN-6Isaac Newton School7-9École Riverview SchoolN-6
Cecil Rhodes SchoolN-9École J.B. Mitchell SchoolN-6École Robert H. Smith SchoolN-6
Champlain SchoolN-6John M. King SchoolN-6Robertson SchoolN-6
Children of the Earth
High School
9-12École Secondaire Kelvin
High School
9-12Rockwood SchoolN-6
Churchill High School7-12Kent Road SchoolN-6École Sacré-CoeurN-8
Clifton SchoolN-6King Edward SchoolN-6Sargent Park SchoolN-9
Collège Churchill7-12École Lansdowne SchoolN-8Shaughnessy Park SchoolN-8
Daniel McIntyre High School9-12École Laura Secord SchoolN-6École Sir William OslerN-6
David Livingstone SchoolN-8École LaVérendryeN-6Sisler High School9-12
Dufferin SchoolN-6Lord Nelson SchoolN-6Sister MacNamara SchoolN-6
Earl Grey SchoolN-8Lord Roberts SchoolN-6St. John's High School7-12
Elmwood High School7-12Lord Selkirk SchoolN-6École Stanley Knowles SchoolN-8
Faraday SchoolN-6Luxton SchoolN-6Strathcona SchoolN-6
Fort Rouge SchoolN-6Machray SchoolN-6Technical Vocational
High School
École Garden Grove SchoolN-6Meadows West SchoolN-8Tyndall Park SchoolN-6
General Wolfe School7-9Montrose SchoolN-6École Victoria-Albert SchoolN-6
École George V SchoolN-8Mulvey SchoolN-6École Waterford SpringsN-8
Gladstone SchoolN-6Niji Mahkwa SchoolN-8Wellington SchoolN-6
Glenelm SchoolN-6Norquay SchoolN-6Weston SchoolN-6
Gordon Bell High School7-12Pinkham SchoolN-6William Whyte SchoolN-8
Grant Park High School7-12Prairie Rose SchoolN-6Winnipeg Adult Ed. Centre12
Greenway SchoolN-6Principal Sparling SchoolN-6Wolseley SchoolN-6
Grosvenor SchoolN-6Queenston SchoolN-6

Harrow SchoolN-6R.B. Russell Vocational
High School


Enrolment Trends

In 2019/20 the WSD represented approximately 17.2% of the province of Manitoba’s total N-12 enrolment.
The WSD N-12 enrolment has decreased 0.9% since 2015. There should be a growth over the next few years driven by immigration and an increase in student population in the North West corner of the WSD.

N-12 Enrolment – Including Ungraded Special Education 2015/162016/172017/182018/192019/20Enrolment Change Since 2015Annualized
 % Change 
5 Years
WSD N to 1233,04033,24433,23133,09332,743-297- 0.23%
Manitoba N to 12183,304185,389187,036188,744190,1146,8100.92%
WSD % Of Total Provincial Enrolment N to 1218.0%17.9%17.8%17.5%17.2%--1.13%
WSD K-1231,30931,42531,44631,35931,050-259 -0.21%
Manitoba K-12181,022183,017184,709186,521187,8946,8720.94%
WSD % Of Total Provincial Enrolment K-1217.3%17.2%17.0%16.8%16.5%-0.8%-1.18%


Since 2015/16 the WSD elementary N-6 enrolment has increased 1.0%, secondary 7-12 enrolment has decreased 1.8% and ungraded special education enrolment has decreased 45.0%. The FTE figures in these tables do not count our full day kindergarten (FDK) as full time students because the students are only funded half time by the Province. In 2015/16 we had 156 FDK students, 2016/17 we had 217 FDK students, in 2017/18 we had 211, in 2018/19 we had 215, and in 2019/20 we had 200 FDK students.

WSD Enrolment 
By Grade Category
2015/162016/172017/182018/192019/20Enrolment Change Since 2015
 % Change 
5 Years
Elementary N-617,50217,82717,92817,96117,6761740.25%
Secondary 7-1215,08015,01414,96614,87514,815-265-0.44%
Ungraded Special Education – Elementary & Secondary458403337257252     -206-13.87%
Total33,04033,24433,23133,09332,743  -297-0.23%
The enrolment reported here is the provincially posted total number of pupils attending school on September 30. 

Enrolment statistics contained herein are not representative of the number of pupils eligible for provincial funding.

Special Education / Inclusion Support Services

Based on WSD’s September 30th enrolment figures, enrolment in special education programs has decreased 2.0% over the past five years, with a decrease in secondary grades. WSD does not receive provincial funding for all of the students for which it provides special education services. For example, of the 1,692 special education students in 2017/18, no special education funding was received for 702 (41.5%) of the students. The percentage of unfunded students was higher by 4.1% in elementary grades than secondary grades in 2017/18.

Special Education Enrolment* 
By Grade Category
2015/162016/172017/182018/192019/20Enrolment Change Since 2015
 % Change 
5 Years
Elementary76081781974279535        1.13%
Total1,6031,6801,6921,5091,571-32     -0.50%

* The enrolment in this table is based on WSDs September 30th enrolment and includes any students who had a special education program designation. These students were not necessarily funded students. Elementary grades include Elementary Ungraded students and Secondary includes Junior and Senior Ungraded students.

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