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Early Years - Grades Nursery to 4

February 8, 2021



The Early Years education program must consider the whole child, by recognizing her or his intellectual, emotional, physical, and social needs. Within this context consideration must be given to the child's cultural and ethnic background.
  • The learning environment must provide children with:
  • opportunities for selection of activities
  • materials for self-initiated activities
  • a variety of experiences both within and outside the classroom
  • opportunities to enhance feelings of self-worth.

Penny Morka - Early Years Consultant
Prince Charles Education Resource Centre
1075 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0J7
Phone: 204-788-0203, ext. 101309

The major responsibilities of the Early Childhood Consultant are:
to provide assistance in the implementing and monitoring of the Comprehensive Assessment Program at the school and divisional levels.
  • to organize, design, and conduct division-wide and school-based inservices
  • to serve as liaison with professional support staff in the Winnipeg School Division, Manitoba Education and elsewhere as necessary
  • to assist school personnel in developing appropriate services and programs to meet the needs of children in the early school years.

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